About Southlands Schools Online

Mission Statement: 

Southlands Schools Online is committed to providing a fully online and accredited homeschool program that is flexible, accessible, and affordable for all.


Expected School-wide Learning Results

Critical Thinking

● Creates solutions to complex problems
● Obtains relevant information to come to well-reasoned solutions
● Analyzes problems and creates relevant conclusions
● Articulates a belief and engages in reasonable discussion


● Formulates ethical decisions in the real and digital world

● Models servant leadership

● Edifies others


● Produces original products using the resources God has given

● Demonstrates knowledge and values through various mediums

● Expresses oneself in authentic and innovative ways


● Embodies Biblical truth and morality
● Demonstrates empathy for others
● Understands the responsibilities of God-given talents
● Demonstrates perseverance and resilience


● Listens in order to understand and respond appropriately

● Strives to understand another point of view

● Seeks input from other participants

● Contributes equitably to the completion of a shared goal

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